3D inspection solutions for slabs and heavy plates

While slabs and plates are highly structured and have temperatures of around 1,000°C, they nevertheless have to be inspected with highest accuracy. A reliable quality assessment of each plate or slab needs to be generated for process monitoring and improvement and, if necessary, definition of maintenance actions.

Conventional contrast-based 2D inspection technologies are not able to detect depth defects with sufficient reliability and thus can´t ensure that the required surface quality is within customer tolerance ranges.


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3D inline inspection makes invisible defects visible

By combining 2D inspection with 3D automated inspection and laser triangulation, ISRA PARSYTEC is able to reliably distinguish between material defects and the surface structure of the slab or plate.

The unique combination accurately detects and classifies all relevant defects, such as cracks or inclusions, and measures their depth - right at the start of the production process. 

 “The decision to partner with ISRA PARSYTEC was made because of the innovative technology of having 2D and 3D in the same sensor. In addition, the expandability and flexibility of the system allowed us to start with a bottom-only solution and add a top-side later.” 

Rolling and finishing supervisor, renowned US American heavy plate producer

60 % of process relevant defects already exist in the slab. About 20 % of slab defects can automatically be detected by 3D surface inspection and provide important information.

As an example, longitudinal and transverse cracks are often covered by the subsequent hot rolling and only become visible much later in the steel manufacturing process. At this point in the process, significant time and effort has already been wasted. These kinds of defects can now be detected early in the process, on the slab itself.

Thus, the high-grade inspection data gathered ensures flawless quality evaluation. In addition, it enables you to correctly determine quality and repair costs and minimizes waste material – further optimizing your carbon footprint.


Increase your classification performance by up to 30%

Today, machine vision systems are an essential asset on many processing lines. The driving factors are process optimization, increasing quality, customer satisfaction, and production yield by sorting out defects in real time.

The steel making industry needs the best classification performance to allow integrated quality rules realizing a fully automatic coil release as part of the smart factory. To get the best overall precision, it is necessary to combine different approaches. IVAI – ISRA VISION Artificial Intelligence combines the results of a decision tree classifier with ISRA PARSYTEC´s PEARL, an up-to-date Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) classifier to allow not only most precise defect classification but also root cause analysis, predictive maintenance and industry 4.0.

While the InstantClassifierTM already includes over 80% of all typical defect classes with its standard installation, the combination of the best in-class classification approaches proofed an increase of the classification rate by up to 30% in performance tests against already well-tuned inspection systems in practical use. 


Automatic surface inspection is a major building block for Industry 4.0

Automated optical inspection systems make a significant contribution to increasing profits and customer satisfaction. ISRA PARSYTEC is your partner for growth in the metals industry: our inspection technology is based on 35 years of experience with thousands of installations and supports you to reduce costs, increase detection, optimize yield, and lower your carbon footprint.

  • Avoid downgrading by combined 2D and 3D detection for extraordinary inspection performance to reduce claims
  • Track defects and optimize your production process
  • Avoid rework and minimize grinding and scarfing (repair)
  • Reduce maintenance costs and avoid upcoming hazardous situations and repair times
  • Significantly reduce carbon footprint 
  • In-line surface quality inspection for slab lines and plate mills
  • 3D defect measuring including defect depth
  • Dimension measuring
  • Top and bottom side inspection
  • Production performance monitoring
  • L-Cracks (longitudinal cracks)
  • E-Cracks
  • Holes
  • Grooves
  • Burrs


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