Reporting misconduct

You can submit reports of suspected misconduct via a simple external system that guarantees anonymity.

If you suspect something isn’t right, we encourage you to turn to SpeakUp. The independent misconduct reporting system of Atlas Copco group.

All reports are made anonymously in local languages, automatically translated into English and then forwarded by SpeakUp to the SVP General Counsel and the Head of Group Compliance.  

Proven violations are subject to disciplinary action including termination of employment and may be reported to local authorities for criminal prosecution.   

It’s easy to use SpeakUp

  • Access the system 24/7
  • Report via recorded phone message or online form
  • Report in your language
  • Report completely anonymously. Each case is assigned a tracking number for use internally.
  • Use your case tracking number to check back and answer follow-up questions and see the status of the case

Use the external misconduct reporting system: